June 2016

The draft Aylesbury Vale Local Plan, the guide to delivering growth in the district up to 2033 (VALP) is now published and will be going to public consultation from 7th July till 5th September. You can comment on any aspect of the plan, such as the locations identified for new homes and jobs.

Thornborough was initially being designated as a larger settlement with the possibility of being expected to take up to 200 new houses. After several letters from Thornborough Parish Council to Aylesbury Vale District Council Forward Planning about this issue, Thornborough has been re-designated a ‘smaller settlement’ in the settlement hierarchy. Thornborough Parish Councillors are pleased to see that this gives Thornborough a requirement of 12 houses, 6 already completed and a further two in progress leaving 4 more to allocate. This probably means that we won’t need all of the green field sites currently being promoted in the Call for Sites. However the draft VALP includes new local settlements, one at Winslow, and greater housing expectation nearer MK including Whaddon and Newton Longville.

The consultation is an opportunity for local people to find out more about the draft local plan, which has been developed following public consultation last autumn, before it goes before the Government’s Planning Inspector spring 2017.

A series of drop-in consultation events will be held throughout the summer in the next stage of consultation where you can find out more and AVDC officers will be there to answer any questions:

Local public consultation events:

Buckingham Community Centre Wednesday 13 July 11am to 8pm
Winslow Public Hall Elmfields Gate Wednesday 10 August 10am to 6pm
Weedon Bucks County Showground Thursday 1 September 8.30am to 4.30pm


We will update this page with details of the where you can access the public consultation in July.

The current VALP draft is available from the following link: Draft Plan for Summer 2016 Consultation


January 2016

The Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) is the plan that Aylesbury Vale District Council are currently working on which will help decide development over the Vale of Aylesbury for the next 15 years.  AVDC intend this plan to be ready by 2017.  This plan is a replacement for the plan originally submitted to the Secretary of State in 2013 and rejected because the consultation process with neighbouring councils concerning housing targets was not adequate.

It is important that we all understand the implications of the VALP and respond to consultations if we have any comments to make.  All settlements will have a steady increase in the number of new houses they will have to accept. Currently Thornborough is assessed as a "larger settlement", which means we could be facing an increase of up to 200 houses over the next few years.  Clearly this would have a considerable impact and change the nature of our village and parish.  We are currently in discussions with Aylesbury Vale District Council over this issue: in order to read Thornborough Parish Council’s letter to Aylesbury Vale District Council on this issue please click on this link: letter from Thornborough Parish Council to AVDC re: VALP assessment.

Information about the Vale of Aylesbury Local PLan can be found on the Aylesbury Vale District Council at the following link: AVDC website Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan  

The most recent consultation was on the Issues and Options consultation document.  People were asked to respond to the document conclusions and the evidence underpinning those conclusions and to choose which of several options presented for development across the Vale of Aylesbury was preferred.  Thornborough Parish Council responded and your Council’s response can be found by clicking here: Thornborough Parish Council response to VALP Issues & Options


The evidence which has informed the content of the Issues and Options consultation document is also available from the AVDC website here: AVDC Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan: supporting evidence.

The key evidence documents are:

1.  Central Buckinghamshire Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA)
This document assesses the housing and economic needs of the Central Buckinghamshire area (which includes Aylesbury Vale, Wycombe and Chiltern districts) and splits these needs for each individual district.

2. Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)
This assessment identifies a future supply of land which is suitable, available and achievable for housing and economic development uses.  Any sites submitted as part of this consultation will feed into an update of the HELAA which will take place early next year.

3. Areas of Attractive Landscape and Local Landscape Areas Advice to Aylesbury Vale DC
This is an independent review of the above local landscape designations and considers whether they should be re-designated as locally valued landscapes in VALP.  The review recommends that the majority of the areas currently designated should be retained as valued landscapes.

4. Settlement Hierarchy
A review of the settlement hierarchy has been carried out after initial consultations with town and parish councils following a desktop study to establish basic information.  This assesses the sustainability of settlements and the facilities they have, grouping settlements into categories including strategic settlements, larger villages, smaller villages and other settlements.

5. Other evidence that has informed the preparation of the Issues and Options
This has been published for information, and this includes:

  • Aylesbury Vale Retail Study (2015): considers the future need for retail floor-space provision.
  • Buckinghamshire Housing Market and Functional Economic Areas (March 2015): identifies which housing market area and functional economic market area that the Buckinghamshire districts lie within.
  • Buckinghamshire Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Needs

We will keep this page updated as the situation with the VALP develops.