Thornborough Parish Plan 2015 updated

Parish Plans have no statutory authority and are no longer considered by Aylesbury Vale District Council when deciding planning issues, however they can still give a good picture of the community and a clear idea of how it wishes the parish to develop. They are documents that set out a vision for the future of a parish and outline how that can be achieved in an action plan

The final Thornborough Parish Plan with completed Action Plan was approved at the Thornborough Parish Council meeting on the 12th May 2008. It has now been updated, but the Action Plan is no longer included. This is because many of the actions proposed have been achieved, (e.g. Affordable Housing), some of the actions have been rendered unachievable by other developments (e.g. improved bus service has been unable to achieve because of financing cuts in public transport) and some are no longer appropriate (e.g. the action for asking for extra allotments; Thornborough Parish Council has recently given back the extra allotment obtained from Buckinghamshire County Council because the council were unable to find a tenant for it). However the ‘What we need’ areas throughout the document are still included although they have been updated.

The update of the Parish Plan is available from this link: Thornborough Parish Plan 2015 update or by clicking on the picture above.

The original version of the Parish Plan is still available from this link: Thornborough Parish Plan 2008

A survey of residents' views was held in 2005.  The results of this survey is available from this link: 2005 Residents Survey.