Great Britain’s Great War Centenary 

Millions of people were killed in the war which broke out in 1914. With a population in the UK at the time of about 45 million and nearly 1 million British people lost in action, probably every resident in Thornborough lost a relative in this war.

Their stories are grim and their deaths seem pointless to us today, but the causes and course of the war were complex and not understood by most even in 1914. But the effects of the war were obvious and we can gain understanding from historical pictures and documents and by reading the diaries and the stories of the people who were there and the loved ones they left behind.


Local History

Thornborough War MemorialThornborough's War Memorial is situated near St Mary the Virgin church.  It records a list of the fallen from the parish which is also available from the link below:

Thornborough List of the Fallen






Maurice WellsBernard Garbe has also recorded the history of his great uncle, Henry Maurice Watkins Wells, who served in the Princess Charlotte of Wales’s (Royal Berkshire) Regiment and the Royal Flying Corps from 1915-1916.  His fascinating and detailed history is available from the link below: 

Great Britain’s Great War - Family Remembered






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