The Parish Council is responsible for establishing policies for action and decides how the money will be raised and spent on behalf of the community. It is responsible for spending public money lawfully and without risk and for achieving the best value of money.

The Council represents and serves the whole community and meets on the third Monday of every month in Thornborough Village Hall. Most Council meetings are open to the public and villagers are encouraged to attend whenever possible.

The Thornborough Parish Councillors: 

Chair Steve Tribe email  
Councillor Emily Cooke email  
Councillor Ray Goodger email  
Councillor Carol Laurence  email  
Councillor Charlotte Moore email
Councillor Mary Taylor email  
Councillor Allen Williamson email
Parish Clerk Alison Robinson email  

Buckinghamshire County Council Links:

Thornborough Parish Boundary Map

Buckinghamshire County Council Parish Boundary Map

Office for National Statistics

Thornborough Parish 2011 Census Data


The Chairman of the Council will prepare an Annual Report reviewing activities undertaken by the Council during the preceding year together with an annual statement of the Parish Councils accounts. These reports are usually presented at an Open Annual General Meeting which villagers are encouraged to attend.

The Parish Council is responsible for the street lighting in the village. It is part of our duty to report any faults that are reported to us by parishioners but we are not responsible for when they are repaired. However, there is a promise from AVDC that they consider it good practise to fix a broken light within 14 days of it being reported as not working.

We are not responsible for planning decisions, but do comment on planning applications on behalf of the whole village. The councils decision in planning matters amounts to only one voice and so numerically is equivalent to any village householder. However, the parish council has a higher status and is more likely to persuade planning authorities to acknowledge council viewpoints as important to any planning decision that is being made.

The Parish Council is responsible for grass cutting of the greens in the village with other areas coming under the responsibility of Buckinghamshire County Council or the Vale of Aylesbury Trust. A grass cutting map of the village is available from this link: Thornborough Village Grass Cutting map.

No individual councillor (including the chairman) can make a decision on behalf of the council.