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Covid-19 Pandemic Announcement

The emergency legislation

Local councils are now permitted to meet remotely; postpone their annual parish council meeting for 12 months and only hold least 3 meetings between April 2020 and May 2021. The postponement of the elections which were to have been held on 7 May 2020 and the annual parish council meeting means all local councillors will continue for another 12 months unless they wish otherwise. There are also changes to the audit schedule under the emergency legislation.

A brief update from Thornborough Parish Council (TPC)

It is business as usual where possible. For example, this week the audit was submitted to the internal auditor and the 2020/21 allotment licences were sent out. All local councils have been strongly advised to have a ‘practice’ remote meeting or technical rehearsal at which decisions cannot be made because the public are not present. TPC held a successful practice meeting on Monday 20 March to ensure we are ready to hold a remote meeting when we need one.

At the present time there is no urgent business requiring a remote meeting. When this changes, and of course it will, the meeting will be announced on the TPC noticeboard and website as is our normal practice. We will also use Thornborough eNews to publicise the meeting. The agenda for the meeting will explain what residents need to do to join the remote TPC meeting by phone or video conference.

In the meantime, please let me know if you wish to bring anything to the attention of TPC - see below for my email address and phone number.

Alison Robinson (Ms)

Clerk to the Parish Council

M: 07756247186

E: clerk@thornboroughparish.org.uk

News Update

Link to the Buckinghamshire Council Coronavirus: Information and advice

Members of the village have set up a support network to help others in the village who may be self-isolating and in need of support. The number to call or text is: 07951 339 289

The webpage: www.buckinghamshire.gov/uk/coronavirus has been set up to offer further local information.

If you are a company who wants advice on current local or government support, such as that announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, find out more via BBF at www.bbf.uk.com/covid-19


Please check back frequently as we will be adding information and documents on a regular basis. If you want to add a section for your club or society, an article or send in some of your pictures of the village or recent events please use the email link at the bottom of this page.


Please check the Events Calendar for details of the next public meeting of the Thornborough Parish Council where a link to the agenda will also be provided.