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Covid-19 Pandemic Announcement

The emergency legislation

Local councils are now permitted to meet remotely; postpone their annual parish council meeting for 12 months and only hold least 3 meetings between April 2020 and May 2021. The postponement of the elections which were to have been held on 7 May 2020 and the annual parish council meeting means all local councillors will continue for another 12 months unless they wish otherwise. There are also changes to the audit schedule under the emergency legislation. The arrangements for gradually lifting the lockdown restrictions which impact on small rural local councils are yet to emerge.

Thornborough Parish Council

TPC will meet remotely for the first time on Monday 6 July 2020 at 7pm. Information about how members of the public can join the Zoom meeting are provided in the agenda which is published on the TPC noticeboard and website – see below


Monday 6th July - Agenda


Thornborough Parish Council Playground

The Government has determined children’s playgrounds with play equipment such as swings and slides etc. may reopen from the 4 July 2020. A risk assessment has been undertaken to inform the discussion at the forthcoming Thornborough Parish Council (TPC) meeting. TPC will be asked to endorse the overall conclusion from the risk assessment, which is not to reopen at this point and instead keep the matter under review whilst the feasibility of establishing a parent group is investigated.


The government guidelines (see link below) are onerous for small rural parish councils, most of whom locally have concluded immediate reopening is not feasible. In summary, the guidelines require:

Risk assessment – undertaken 1.7.20:

  • Social-distancing: limit maximum number, only one adult to accompany child, limit number of swings in use, set time limits
  • Signs – for queues, social-distancing and effective use of sanitation by users required, ban consumption of food – TPC will provide if/when playground reopened
  • Clear communication to community about reopening with information about action taken by TPC and the users’ responsibilities
  • Cleaning regimes.



TPC has neither the human resources nor the financial reserves to meet the requirements set out in the government guidance. However, we are keen to explore whether it is possible to form a volunteer group of parents and others to help the village open its children’s playground. Please get in touch if you would like to be part of the proposed volunteer group.


Update following TPC meeting on 6.7.20:


The risk assessment to inform the feasibility of reopening the playground was discussed. The insurance broker had confirmed the playground would be covered if the arrangements for its reopening complied with the relevant government guidance.

TPC resolved to do all it could to enable the playground to be reopened for the school summer holiday period. Further updates will be provided on here and on Thornborough enews.

Alison Robinson

Clerk to Thornborough Parish Council




News Update

Link to the Buckinghamshire Council Coronavirus: Information and advice

Members of the village have set up a support network to help others in the village who may be self-isolating and in need of support. The number to call or text is: 07951 339 289

The webpage: www.buckinghamshire.gov/uk/coronavirus has been set up to offer further local information.

If you are a company who wants advice on current local or government support, such as that announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, find out more via BBF at www.bbf.uk.com/covid-19


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